What We Do

Our goal is to help companies with outsourced CS departments send better emails to their clients and partners. We help non-native English speaking employees improve their business English through personalized and focused vocabulary lists. We are also building a tool to help all outgoing communication sound better and be well-received. We work on analyzing English language through people's digital content such as emails, blogs and word databases. The algorithms are based on constructing vector representations of words and creating semantic groups. BlueWordAi technology aims to teach the machine to recognize the style and intentions within the English language and apply it to adjust the style of emails and texts.

For Enterprises

We are working on BWAi Enterprise solution. If you are a company with non-native English speaking employees and you want to improve your outgoing email communication contact us for a demo.

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5per5 App

5per5 is a professional English vocabulary-learning app used in daily snippets providing 5 words in 5 minutes per day. We analyze your English vocabulary through your online presence and help you learn new words that improve your performance and boost your confidence.

Click here to download the 5per5 iOs app.

Meet Ari the Bot

  • For Individuals: Ari is a bot that teaches you professional English vocabulary you may know but do not actively use. This vocabulary is tied to the events and people in your life and is fully personalized.
  • For Enterprises: Inside your company, Ari will help with the onboarding process of new employees and improve the English communication skills of your current staff based on top performers. For outsourced customer service and call centers, Ari will suggest phrases to use when talking to the customers based on the customersí natural vocabulary. Ari can substitute human assistance in trivial cases, reducing the sales force staff.
  • How it works

    • We scan user's emails and create a bag of words he/she should use.
    • We prioritize vocabulary based on events in the userís life (meetings, interviews, interests).
    • Ari chats with the user and helps him/her to communicate better.
    • Feedback loop is based on the active usage of words in emails.
    • Learn more about Ari the bot



Reach us at info@bluewordai.com